This Octopus Changing Shape And Colour Is Mindblowing


You must have seen a chameleon changing its colour as per the environment and place it goes into. A chameleon on a stem looks brownish, in grass becomes green, and on bricks becomes red. Why? To save itself. It adapts to the colour of the surroundings. But mind you, it never changes its shape or size.

But an octopus may change everything from shape and size to colour. Even if you have already known this fact, seeing this organism doing so is a rare phenomenon and it looks like a miracle. Beyond amazing! Don’t believe us? Watch here:

There couldn’t be a more mesmerizing display of camouflage naturally. This organism isn’t only adapting to colours but also changing its shape and size. Looks fantastic!

Octopus is one of those rarest living beings that has eight limbs (and is not an insect), three hearts and nine brains. Yes, you read that right!

They have a mini-brain in each of their tentacles that helps each of the limbs to function independently. A ninth brain (like a master brain) oversees the entire nervous system and also overrides the mini-brains that run the limbs. They are extremely intelligent, known for solving puzzles in lab simulations and can recognize human beings.


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