This Cab Driver From Delhi-NCR Should Make News, Here’s Why


If you’ve ever been to Delhi-NCR, you know how cabs have become an integral part of this metro city. While there are a handful number of cab services like Ola, Uber, Rapido, and inDrive, with thousands of cabs running on the streets day and night, Abdul Qadeer’s cab is something that will draw anyone’s attention in jiffy.

What’s in a cab?

What do you expect in a cab? A driver, neat and clean seats, good fragrance, working air conditioner. Ever thought of being hosted with ounces of generosity while commuting in a cab after booking a drive? Abdul Qadeer brings to you that amazing service.


His cab seems like a fair on wheels. In his cab, you will find a bottle of water, a bottle of Frooti, a can of cold drink, candies, a packet of namkeen, and cookies. Not only this, if you have to go for an interview or an important meet and you missed checking your shoes, Abdul’s cab has a shoe polish for you. You can also use rubber bands, almond oil, and moisturizer to enhance your look. And everything is free of cost!

A step towards humanity


If you’re commuting and aren’t feeling well, you may have a tablet of Dolo, crocin, or cetirizine from his kit. There’s also a copy of a newspaper that one may go through for updates. Need a mask or a tissue? This cab has every basic thing you may require while travelling. And all at your service at the back of the front seats.


And yeah, there’s a dustbin too.

How did this journey begin?

Studied up to 8th standard, Abdul began his career by working as a designer at an export house. He knew cooking quite well so he thereafter started cooking at weddings and other ceremonies. After coming across the fact that he is allergic to heat and smoke, he had to leave this work.

Why a free service?

It was just seven years ago when he started working as a cab driver. In 2018, he decided to give his riders (passengers) this exclusive service with the ride. Many other drivers have been asking him to stop this ‘charity’, tells Abdul “Tujhe isse kya milta hai? Apni jeb se paise kyon lagane hain?”, they try convincing him. But Abdul says he likes to give his customers a better experience.

On how customers react, Abdul says, “As they sit inside, they see everything surprisingly, try reading every part of the car, and leave the ride with a smile. That means a lot.”

Abdul Qadeer is a cab driver who has never cancelled any ride. Inside his cab, there’s a newspaper-cutting that mentions this wonderful accolade of his.


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