Viral Video | Dog Swims Through Floodwaters In Chennai


Amidst the deluge of videos showcasing Chennai’s flooding, a clip surfaced capturing a dog swimming through the inundated streets to reunite with another canine on the opposite side. The footage, believed to be from the Arumbakkam area, has rapidly gained traction across social media platforms.


Uploaded by news agency ANI on X, the video depicts the dog’s determined efforts to navigate the floodwaters, possibly in search of safety. It portrays the dog’s agile movements as it paddles through the submerged street, ultimately reaching the side where another dog awaits. The pair finds refuge on nearby stairs, away from the rising flood.

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Rescue Efforts by Animal Enthusiasts

Another video captures the touching endeavors of animal enthusiasts who came forward to assist street dogs affected by the floods. Scenes show these compassionate individuals rescuing dogs from the inundated roads, lifting them into a truck apparently transporting them to a secure location.

Chennai Grapples with Flood Crisis

The recent heavy rainfall in Chennai, triggered by the cyclonic storm Michaung, resulted in extensive waterlogging across the city. December’s severe weather conditions have led to significant disruptions. As per reports by the Greater Chennai Police, the cyclone has led to six fatalities within their jurisdiction. In response, the state government has sought aid and interim relief from the central government to manage and mitigate the aftermath of the calamity.

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