Virat Kohli’s Century Leads To Biryani Frenzy: Chaos Ensues In Bahraich


The excitement and frenzy surrounding cricket in India reached unprecedented heights after the semi-final clash between India and New Zealand in the World Cup 2023. As India clinched a spectacular victory, the nation erupted in celebrations, especially with Virat Kohli notching his 50th ODI century in the match. However, the jubilation extended beyond the cricket field and spilled into a restaurant in Bahraich, UP, causing unexpected chaos.

The ‘Lucknowi Rasoi,’ a local eatery, had announced an enticing offer before the match: a discount on their signature biryani equivalent to the runs scored by Virat Kohli. If Kohli reached a century, patrons would receive biryani at a discount matching the runs scored. Little did they anticipate the storm that awaited.

As Kohli achieved his 50th century, the restaurant owner, Shoaib, stayed true to his word and began serving free biryani to customers. Word of the generous offer spread like wildfire through Bahraich, drawing hordes of people to ‘Lucknowi Rasoi.’ The unforeseen influx of enthusiastic customers resulted in a frenzy that spilled onto the streets, causing traffic snarls and attracting a crowd that overwhelmed the eatery.

The situation escalated to a point where the police had to intervene to control the surging crowd. Despite their efforts, the excitement and anticipation for free biryani remained undeterred. In a bid to manage the situation, the restaurant had to close its shutters temporarily to contain the chaos that ensued.

Shoaib, the director of ‘Lucknowi Rasoi,’ expressed his surprise at the overwhelming response, stating that while they honored their promise of free biryani, the unexpected number of patrons made it difficult to manage. The eatery, strategically located near the roadways bus station, inadvertently became the epicenter of a biryani-seeking crowd.

Virat Kohli’s remarkable feat of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI centuries fueled the celebratory fervor. Tendulkar himself hailed Kohli’s achievement as the icing on the cake, adding to the exuberance surrounding the milestone.

Despite the chaos that ensued in Bahraich, the incident stands as a testament to the sheer passion and fervor that cricket evokes in India, transcending the boundaries of the field and blending into the fabric of everyday life. The promise of free biryani in celebration of Kohli’s century transformed a simple offer into an unexpected and unforgettable episode of enthusiasm, albeit one that required the intervention of local authorities to restore order.

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