Auto-Rickshaw Boldly Displays ‘Bad’ Review, Internet Delighted By Unconventional Approach


The vibrant streets of Bengaluru have a knack for blending innovation into everyday life, and a recent incident perfectly captured this essence. An auto-rickshaw in the city caught everyone’s attention with a rather unusual display—a bold declaration of its own ‘bad’ review, turning the concept of traditional product endorsements on its head and amusing the internet in the process.

A snapshot of this unconventional auto-rickshaw, shared by a user @followdcounsel on ‘X,’ showcased the vehicle proudly bearing the words, “Worst vehicle don’t buy,” emblazoned on its exterior. Rather than the typical promotional content, this unorthodox approach grabbed eyeballs, creating a quintessential ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment.

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The poster’s comment reflected the city’s spirit, stating, “What an innovative way to tell others not to buy a bad product! Just #NammaBengaluru things.” The humour didn’t stop there, as the user shared the Kannada translation, “Kachara gaadi hai, mat kharido,” adding another layer of wit to the situation.

The post quickly gained traction, drawing amused reactions from users who appreciated the clever twist. Comments ranged from expressions like “how sweet” to playful descriptions like “community service.”

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This isn’t the first time Bengaluru’s auto-rickshaw drivers have injected creativity into the streets. In a similar vein, another driver had previously adorned the back of his vehicle with a cryptic yet entertaining message, “Love is like a walk in the park.” The humorous punchline? A playful addition of ‘Jurassic Park’ in red letters below, revealing a witty subtext behind the seemingly straightforward statement.


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