Female Soldier Takes Her Life Amidst Boss’s Relentless Sexual Harassment


New Delhi: In a gut-wrenching turn of events, a 19-year-old female soldier took her own life, tormented by relentless sexual harassment inflicted by her superior officer. The grieving mother now battles for justice to avenge her daughter’s tragic fate.

A thorough internal review conducted by the Army reveals shocking details. The young Royal Artillery Gunner, Jacely Beck, endured months of sexual abuse, which eventually led to her untimely demise in December 2021. The report does not disclose the name of the tormentor but unequivocally links the barrage of over 1,000 messages and voicemails received by Beck from her superior in October 2021, skyrocketing to more than 3,500 in November, as the direct cause of her devastating decision.

A cry for help ignored

Tragically, mere weeks before her tragic end, the victim reached out to her harasser, expressing her unbearable anguish, stating, “I can’t handle this anymore. It is burdening me.” Beck’s mother, Leighann McCready, in her interview with the BBC, lamented the helplessness faced by her daughter, who couldn’t simply block her boss, being trapped in a nightmarish ordeal.

Silent suffering

The report sheds light on Beck’s reluctance to report the torment due to her deep-seated apprehensions regarding the Army’s handling of prior sexual harassment complaints. Her mother recalls her perpetual sadness and distress, stemming from her boss’s inexcusable behavior. Astonishingly, Beck, who had enlisted in the army at the tender age of 16, had no history of mental health issues.

Deep-seated issue at Larkhill Garrison

This horrifying incident spotlights a more extensive issue of inappropriate sexual conduct towards female soldiers by male counterparts at Larkhill Garrison, as revealed by the Center for Military Justice (CMJ). One witness even faced consistent humiliation from fellow male soldiers, further underscoring the gravity of the problem and the way it has been infesting within the cadres and batallions.


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