This Was Subrata Roy’s Special Wish, Sahara Shree Died Without Fulfilling


Sahara India founder Subrata Roy breathed his last on November 14. His grandson Himank bid him farewell by lighting the funeral pyre at Baikunth Dham in Lucknow. His wife Swapna Roy was also present at the funeral. However, his last wish of repaying the investors remained unfulfilled.

Subrata Roy lived a luxury life. He had a successful business worth billions. There were lakhs of employees and crores of customers. People all over the world admired his courage and passion. Yet one of his dreams could not be fulfilled, even though he kept trying to fulfill it till the last moment.

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About Rs 3 crore countrymen invested in Subrata Roy’s Sahara India Pariwar, but due to some reasons it got caught in controversies. He had to go to jail. Although he came out of jail on parole, but due to the company incurring losses he was not able to pay the people’s money and the matter went to Patna High Court.

When this matter reached the Supreme Court, the Sahara chief got relief, but the Supreme Court ordered to give refund of 3 crore people. He kept trying to give refund till his last breath. Kept trying to extricate himself from controversies and prove himself right. Due to this, he stayed away from his family, but his dream remained unfulfilled. He left the world without returning their money to their customers.

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Let us tell you that Subrata Roy Sahara died on Tuesday at the age of 75. Subrata Roy earned name in many fields including real estate, finance, media and hospitality. After Railways, Sahara, which provides the most jobs in the country, has property worth billions. Sahara has invested in the world of real estate, airlines, cricket and cinema.

After doing mechanical engineering from Gorakhpur, in 1976, Subrata acquired the struggling chit fund company Sahara Finance and entered the world of business from Gorakhpur itself. By 1978, he transformed it into the Sahara India Parivar, which went on to become one of India’s largest business groups. Under the leadership of Roy, Sahara made many business expansions. He went into decline in 2014 after the Supreme Court had to fight a long legal battle for not appearing in court following a dispute with SEBI.


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