Get Rid Of Being Overcharged For Updating Aadhaar Card In 3 Simple Steps


Launched by the Government of India in 2010, Aadhaar Card is the basic identification proof for any citizen required for activities like obtaining a sim card, acquiring a gas cylinder and to ensure all the information on the Aadhar card is correct is utmost important.

Errors in photos, spelling of the names, addresses, and mobile numbers are usually spotted in Aadhaar card that can be rectified by visiting the official website of Aadhaar.

Notably, Aadhaar enrollment is a free service, and updating biometrics on a child’s Aadhaar card is also free. However, if the card holder is asked to pay more than the fixed amount to enroll or update the Aadhaar, the card holder can lodge a complaint in three easy steps.

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced three-step solution for the Aadhar card holders from paying extra charges for updating Aadhaar card.

If an employee charges you extra money to update Aadhaar

1. Call the toll-free number 1947 and register your complaint
2. Write an email to or
3. If the Aadhar card user is computer savvy, he can directly register the complaint by logging in directly to UIDAI link

According to the UIDAI, fees for updating Aadhaar are fixed: ₹50 for demographic update and ₹100 for biometric update. Rs. 100 is charged to update the biometrics in case the holder is an adult. But if there are any changes in connection with the name, address, date of birth, or mobile number, a fee of Rs. 50 is charged.

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The UIDAI took to Twitter that the holder can directly contact Aadhaar executive by using toll free number 1947 in case of change of Aadhaar card address or any other update or additional payment sought for Aadhaar enrolment. Alternatively, the card holder may register the complaint by sending an email to


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