The Most Powerful Meteor Shower To Peak Tonight, Here’s When You Can Watch


The Geminid meteor shower is set to be active from December 4 to December 14, with its peak expected around the night of December 14. Throughout this timeframe, observers may have the opportunity to see Geminid meteors whenever the shower’s “radiant point” is above the horizon.

When observed from New Delhi, the Geminid meteor shower is expected to become visible around 6:53 PM IST on Thursday, December 14. This corresponds to the time when its radiant point rises above the eastern horizon, as indicated by In the Sky. The meteor shower should remain visible until dawn breaks around 6:36 AM the following day.

During its peak, the Geminid meteor shower is anticipated to produce up to 150 meteors per hour, as reported by Time and Date. The name “Geminid” is derived from the Gemini constellation, which appears to be the point of origin for the meteor shower. Unlike many other celestial events, watching a meteor shower doesn’t typically require any special equipment.

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