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Tesla’s launch anticipation in India has grown for the past few years, but as the new feature is rolling up in ‘Tesla’, many people cannot wait for its launch. We all want our car to find a suitable parking space and park itself without checking sides again and again.

Recently, in a social media post, a user posted his car’s bird’s-eye view photo and mentioned that I” hope one day Teslas get 360° bird’s-eye views. It’s such a great feature.”

The photo gained pretty much popularity on social media platforms, and more than 885k people viewed it. While another user reposted the photo and mentioned, “Unpopular opinion: This feature is completely irrelevant in a world where cars drive themselves.”

Replying to the user, billionaire Elon Musk said, True. We are working on a feature where the car identifies probable, viable parking spaces. You tap on one, exit the vehicle, and it parks there.” Later, many users also suggested some new ideas on social media platforms to Musk.

While the renowned electric car Model 3 is equipped with the ‘Auto Park’ feature, The latest technology surpasses it significantly. In this new system, the car autonomously identifies parking spots. Unlike Auto Park mode, there is no provision for choosing between various parking locations; the car simply parks automatically. Additionally, in auto-park mode, the driver must be inside the car for manual control when necessary.

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