Love In The Police Station! Cop Couple Shoots Pre-Wedding Video In Uniform, Gets Senior’s Advice


New Delhi: A seperate budget for Pre-wedding shoot in India is a new trend now and every couple tries to do the best to cinematize their love stories even if it is an arrange marriage. In the latest, a 2-minute-long clip is going viral of a couple from Hyderbad.

The speciality in the video is that both – bride and groom – are real life police officials, which they also depicted in the video. As the video starts, it showed the woman cop making an entrance through a police car who started conversing with her collegues as soon as she gets out of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, ‘the hero’ makes the entry and falls in love instantly after watching the female cop, maybe because of seeing her in a dedicated policewoman’s role.

The video was not looking any lesser than a film sequence as the couple visited Chaar Minar and sipped tea together. This also followed a music, dance and drama.

Special Advice

IPS Anand wrote, “I have seen mixed reactions to this. Honestly, they seem to be a little overexcited about their marriage and that’s great news, though a little embarrassing. Policing is a very very tough job, especially for ladies. And she finding a spouse in the department is an occasion for all of us to celebrate.”


Netizens Divided

After the video went viral on the internet, social media users started the scrutinization. While many appriciated the couple for their creativity and cute romantic story, many in comment box were baffled saying the cops should not have ‘misued’ police property.

One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote: Pretty good!! Editing, music, acting, this video has everything!! Wish this couple a long and happy married life. Another user backed up the couple saying, “I don’t see any harm in this. People show in the shoots that what their job is and in this case they are switching their personalities from hard core police officers to romantic couple. Truly appreciate the creativity and thought. This is same what shown in movies.”

Meanwhile, a comment with winked eye emoji read, “I hope that they show the same amount of dedication in doing public service ;)”

Another critic posted: They r using public property for personal use absolutely wrong. To which, a X user replied, “Are they not humans serving this nation. Having video part of their daily life, what is big deal. They have not exaggerated anything here as an abuse of public property ! Please chill out ! Spread happiness.”


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