From Selling Newspapers For Rs. 250 Per Month To Owning A Million-Dollar Fashion Company: The Amazing Journey Of A Bengaluru Man


Success Story: Numerous success stories have been shared with us, and we have gained a lot from them. One of those people who put in a lot of effort and succeeded in getting what he wanted today is Sid Naidu. Naidu is a self-made fashion producer in India, for those who are unfamiliar with him. He founded several companies and currently actively invests in intriguing ones. In order to develop and learn everything necessary for his industry, Sid Naidu has consistently put forth significant effort. He overcame every obstacle, and now, he is still making a living in the field. Sid Naidu has distinguished himself by being resolute in his pursuit of success in the business and fashion industries at all levels of employment.

Sid Naidu: Difficult Early Life

Sid Naidu experienced a difficult early life. Naidu, a young boy from Bengaluru, lost his father in 2007. He began delivering newspapers before starting school in order to assist his family. He was paid Rs. 250 each month. The domestic financial situation, meanwhile, remained dire. At this point, Naidu’s ambition to work in the fashion industry and turn into a model looked even more unattainable. He was unsure about whether he would attend college. What could he do, though? Naidu began working as a messenger after passing the class ten exam, earning a pitiful Rs 3,000 per month. Despite the awful cards he had been dealt, he still had a deep-seated enthusiasm for the fashion industry. Naidu found himself creating a network of stakeholders in the fashion industry as he transitioned from job to job.

Sid Production

Sid Productions was formally established in 2017 and is based in Bangalore. It was created when Naidu, a seasoned marketer, and his brother Kiran Kumar embarked on an exhilarating entrepreneurial journey. In order to construct and develop branding solutions for numerous enterprises, the two brothers founded this agency. Together, these companies have created some of the most comprehensive campaigns for global brands. Vivo, Myntra, Flipkart, Flying Machine, Global Desi, and a number of other well-known brands are just a few on the list. The intriguing aspect of this organization is that it works closely with international corporations to produce cutting-edge commercials, films, and marketing campaigns that directly target their target audiences. In addition, Sid Productions works closely with models and artists from around the world for these businesses.

Sid Naidu: Net Worth

When Sid Naidu first started Sid Productions, his company took off and had a revenue of about Rs 1.3 crore. He provided his clients with a variety of services, including fashion shoots, model styling, creative direction, TV commercials, and more. Sid’s current goal is to reach a net turnover of Rs 3 crore or more. Sid’s business generates a yearly revenue of Rs 1.3 crore on average. Sid Naidu is an entrepreneur and a brand marketer, just like any other entrepreneur who enjoys investing. He wants his company to expand, and numerous sources have said that he is eager to increase his income from where it is now to a staggering Rs 10 crore. He now needs extra and diverse sources of revenue for this, which is why he is investing in promising startups and businesses. His long-term goals include expanding his business network not just in India but also internationally. France, Italy, and other countries in Europe are just a few of the nations he has in mind.

The inspirational story of Sid Naidu is proof of the strength of tenacity. Sid worked tirelessly to build his family out of poverty by selling newspapers door to door, and now he is the boss of a successful fashion company.


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