Catching Cash, Cars From BJP Leader

Bengaluru: In a stunning revelation, the Central Crime Branch of the Bengaluru City Police has uncovered a web of deceit surrounding the cash-for-BJP-ticket scam. Seizing assets worth a staggering Rs 1.1 crore, including fixed deposits and Rs 40 lakh in cash, along with gold ornaments valued at over Rs 23 lakh and a Sports Utility Vehicle, this case continues to send shockwaves throughout the region. The prime suspect, Chaitra Kundapur, is currently receiving medical treatment at Victoria Hospital, adding another layer of intrigue to this unfolding saga.

The cash-for-BJP ticket scandal

At the heart of this scandal is Chaitra Kundapur, a prominent right-wing activist, and her seven associates who stand accused of duping a city-based businessman out of a whopping Rs 5 crore. Their promise? Securing him a coveted BJP ticket from Byndoor in the upcoming assembly polls. However, their grand scheme has unraveled, leading to a trail of seized assets and unanswered questions.

The investigative dragnet has led to the seizure of cash and gold from multiple locations, including Udupi, Kundapur, and surrounding areas. Additionally, a recently purchased SUV, acquired in March, has been confiscated in Bagalkot. This SUV, linked to right-wing activist Kiran Ganappagol, owner of a driving school, was traced to a farm and is believed to have played a pivotal role in this intricate plot.

Chaitra Kundapur’s mysterious ailment

The unfolding drama took an unexpected turn when Chaitra Kundapur fell ill while in police custody. She is currently receiving medical treatment at Victoria Hospital, adding a layer of intrigue to this already convoluted case. However, one key player remains elusive – Abhinava Halashri Swami, a pontiff from Hirehadagali, accused of receiving Rs 1.5 crore from the aggrieved businessman.

An expanding investigation

As the investigation deepens, more layers of this intricate web continue to unravel. Kiran Ganappagol, connected to Chaitra, has been detained for questioning in connection with the case. The authorities are determined to get to the bottom of this high-stakes scandal that has captured the imagination of the region.

The cash-for-BJP-ticket scam serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and consequences of political maneuvering, leaving the public eagerly awaiting further developments in this gripping tale of deceit and intrigue.

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