Bermuda Shorts To Icecream And Peanut Butter, This Mumbai Jail Has Everything For Prisoners


Now the Maharashtra prison will no longer be any older than any old-school prison, as the authorities have added many new plus-unbelievable items to the jail for prisoners.

From peanut butter to ice cream, everything will be available in Maharashtra’s prisons after the jail authorities have added 173 food items to their jail canteen list. It includes a mix of essential and reusable items.

Apart from ice cream, personal car items such as wash, hair dyes, etc. have also been added. Nicotine-based tablets have also been allowed for Tobacco users. The jail authorities will also provide clothes, including Bermuda shorts and T-shirts, for underwear. Chaat masala, pickles, coconut water, chess boards, oats, coffee powder, Lonavala chikki, sugar-free sweeteners, ice cream, organic fruits, peanut butter, pani puri, art books, color items, etc. have also been added to the list.

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An official from Maharashtra jail authority told the media that “it is likely to have a positive impact on the overall well-being of prisoners.”
Earlier this month, the UP Prison Minister also made some changes to the curriculum of inmates. All prisoners in Uttar Pradesh jails will recite the Hanuman Chalisa, and Sundarkand and learn personality development techniques as part of their curriculum inside the prison.

This initiative, spearheaded by the state’s Prison Minister Dharmveer Prajapati, aims at fostering individual growth without any religious bias, agenda or compulsions.

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