Berlin’s Unconventional Gathering of Human Dogs Draws Attention


In a peculiar gathering that has sparked conversations on social media, hundreds of individuals who identified themselves as dogs gathered in the heart of Berlin, Germany, as reported by the New York Post. The images and videos of this gathering quickly went viral, amassing a substantial amount of engagement.

Approximately 1,000 people, who preferred to identify themselves as canines, came together for this event, which was held at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station. Staying true to their chosen identities, attendees communicated solely through howling and barking. 

The event received a significant amount of criticism, with many online users making jest of those in attendance. 

Take a look: 

A user mockingly commented that they needed to be sent to a mental institute. He articulated, “That’s great. Easy to take them to a mental institute for professional help since they already are gathered up.”

Instances of individuals identifying as canines have been documented in the past. Notably, a man from Japan recently expressed his desire to live like a dog and hoped to connect with like-minded individuals. There are also those who have adopted a hybrid lifestyle, embracing both human and hound characteristics.

Among the latter group is Toru Ueda, an engineer from Tokyo, who invested $23,000 in a custom-made wolf outfit, claiming that he no longer feels entirely human when wearing it.

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