Bangkok-Bound Flight Diverted To Delhi After Couple Fight


A Lufthansa flight bound for Bangkok from Munich was diverted to Delhi on Wednesday due to unruly passenger behaviour. “The decision came after the cabin crew reported disruptive conduct on board, specifically a dispute between a husband and wife,” sources told ANI.

Husband offloaded, apologized

The male passenger of German nationality has been offloaded in the national capital after the diversion.  A Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official said that the airline is coordinating with the German Embassy regarding the passenger.

As per the version of Lufthansa Airlines: There was one “unruly passenger” of German nationality. He has been offloaded and he has apologized.

“Decision whether to hand over to enforcement agencies in India or to consider the apology and return him to Germany still pending,” a DGCA official told ANI.

Unknown dispute?

“The reason for the fight between husband and wife is not known yet but the flight had to be diverted due to the fight between husband and wife,” says aviation security of Delhi airport.
This is one of the very rare conditions where an international flight had to be diverted not owing to some medical emergency or safety purpose but for a Tom & Jerry fight between a couple that went too far.

Pakistan declined the request

The Bangkok-bound flight had to be diverted to the national capital of India because it could not get permission to land at Pakistan’s airport. The flight initially sought permission to land at the nearby Pak airport but was denied due to some reasons undisclosed yet.

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