Anju Returned From Pakistan, Nasrullah Tells Her Next Plan


Remember the woman from Rajasthan who left India to meet her social media friend in Pakistan? Yes, Anju who turned into Fatima after marrying her so-called friend Nasrullah. She has come back to India today.

Delay in return

She was to return to Indian soil in August itself owing to her visa limitations. After meeting Nasrullah and his friends, Anju kept assuring of her return within 20 days but it took her more than four months to come back.
After marrying a Pakistani man, her visa was extended for a year but now when she wanted to come back, she was initially denied an NOC by the Pak government. Anju aka Fatima could get the neighbour country’s NOC only in her second attempt.

Why is she back?

Since August she has been talking of her return for her children who now apparently don’t want her. As per her friend turned-husband Nasrullah, she has come back to India because she was missing her two children, a 15-year-old daughter, and a 4-year-old son, very much. She has had sleepless nights missing her kids.

Meeting family?

Though she has come to her native country, meeting her family nowhere looks like a cakewalk for Anju. She is currently under BSF’s surveillance in Attari. She has to be interrogated and scrutinized before reaching out to civilians.
On the other hand, her family has verbally abandoned her so far. Her Indian husband Arvind has stated that he doesn’t want to keep any terms with Anju, nor do his children want to see her. He is taking care of them and the family and they don’t want a mother who left them to go to Pakistan.


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