2 Indians On Thailand Vacation Find Giant Lizard Crawling In Their Bathtub, Netizens React


A scary video is going viral on social media where a couple of Indians encountered a giant lizard in their hotel bathroom in Thailand when they were on vacation.

Video: What Would You Do Upon Seeing Crawling Lizards In Your Bathroom; Netizens Reacts

Instead of having a cozy bath, two men were fearful of the creature crawling in their tub. It was as scary as disappointing. It was nothing more than a nightmare coming true. The video of spine-tingling incident was shared on Instagram by a user named sachin_skvlogs177.

The video begins with a man cautiously peeking from behind a door, recording the whole frightening episode. In the bathroom, a massive lizard slowly emerges from behind a table, creating a heart-pounding moment as it enters the bathtub.

In a frantic effort to handle the unexpected guest, a hotel staff member hurries to the scene with a towel in hand. However, despite his best attempts, he struggles to capture the reptile, adding to the tension of the situation.

This unforeseen encounter transforms what was supposed to be a tranquil vacation into a real-life thriller, leaving both the traveler and the hotel staff on edge.

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As seen in the clip that the man recording the video closed the door as the lizard was approaching, it intrigued poeple about the well-being of the other guy who was there in the bathroom. One Instagram user wrote: Andar wale bnde ka kyaa hua ?? Zinda hh ? (What happened with the guy inside? Is he alive?

Meanwhile, another user compared the scene with a horror-comedy film Pee Nak. “Mujhe Pee Nak movie ka scene yaad a gaya jab unke temple mein crocodile a gaya tha MUST WATCH “PEE NAK” if you like to watch Thai horror comedy (It occurs to me scene from Pee Nak where a crocodile entered in their temple.)


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