Malerkotla, December 30, 2023:

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, the Malerkotla Police carried out a rigorous inspection across the 05 premises of Malerkotla Sub Jail on Saturday, December 30th,   involving 129 police personnel.

The extensive search operation was led by 1 Superintendent of Police and 3 Deputy Superintendents of Police along with 125 NGOs/EPOs. The team meticulously searched the premises housing 299 inmates to uphold stringent security and order.

the comprehensive search operation yielded no objectionable material on the premises. This aligns with the Malerkotla police esteemed tradition of discipline and control within its walls. As per official records, no contraband like mobile phones or drugs have ever been recovered from the jail.

Speaking about the search procedure, the Senior Superintendent of Police, Malerkotla, Mr. Harkamal Preet Singh Khakh stated, “The Malerkotla Police is fully committed to enforcing security and maintaining order at all locations under its jurisdiction, including correctional facilities. Such rigorous inspection operations are standard protocols we undertake to sustain discipline and curb any illegal activities.”

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